Date Of Birth: 1998, June 23rd

Siblings: Kyuuba Venxus, Uteren Venxus(Age 16 Decesed).


Father: Aaron Venxus| Mother: Aika Venxus


I am Leon Venxus. I was born in 1998, June 23rd. My Siblings are Kyuuba and Uteren. My father is Aaron and my Mother is Aika. When i was 3 there was a attack on the city by these weird things. I couldn't figure out what they word they looked like some ghoul thing. I was frightened to death. At 6 Years old i was able to start in the Novice Academy. To Start learning. I could pick through various different , wooden weapons to use. I picked a Sword.

Other Info: Edit

Friends: Tokuma Kawamata, Iwao Terakado, Seka Shimazaki, Nobuyori Ichisada, Shuya Sherzaki

Squad: Tokuma Kawamata, Seka ShimazakI(Decesed), Iwao Terakado

Present(as in the current)Class: Dark Blade

1st Class: Warrior

Beginings Arc: Part 1 Edit

Beginings Arc:

1st Day Of Academy

Proffessor Takayama: Is Everyone here?

Students: Yes!

Professor Takayama: Ok , well lets begin. What im going to teach you is how to use a weapon right. First Things first. Grab a weapon of your choice and we will sort each student with what weapon you choose.

5 mintues later

Professor Takayama: Ok now , Who of those are Wielding Wooden Swords. 5 Counted for Sword (P.S Theres 20 Students Total). 5 Counted for Staffs. 4 Counted for Gauntlet Blades. 6 Counted for Daggers.

Professor Takayama: Now everyone group up. Sword Wielders go there, Staff Wielders go there , Dagger Wielders go there and Gauntlet Blades go there. Ok what i want you guys to do is first sit down then i will introduce you guys to 3 Assisstants of mine.

Students: Ok!

Professor Takayama: Ok heres the 1st person his name is Matsunaga, He is trained with special sword techinques he will be training the sword wielders. Next is Shiroma , He's trained with special Gauntlet Blade , Techinques. 3rdly is Akamine, She uses special staff techinques and can also heal and teach on how to heal. Last but not least is Otani our Dagger Specialist. This will all start next week.

Students: What?!

Leon: What do you mean? i thought.....

Tokuma: Yeah.....

Professor Takayama: you see today is not exactly the offical 1st day. First we have to assign you then in about a week you should see about 15 other students in the same class. The reason is so that we have enough room at a time to get extra students cause the classrooms hold up to 20. So for the Gauntlet Blade wielders it would be 14. Dagger Wielders needs 16, Sword Users need 15 , same with Staff users. Once 80 Students total is found then we will start. So tommorow we will get another 20 students. 1 more thing. Train hard as you can before the offical day.

Beginings Arc: Part 2 Edit

Leon: (aw darn i really wanted to start learning about that now.. oh well)

Professor Takayama: Since you guys don't get today how about i take you guys out for ramen?

Students: Yay!

45 Mintues later.

Leon: Thanks im going home now bye.

Tokuma: bye..

Iwao: Bye

Other Students: Bye....

Leon: Mom im home..

Akia: Hello son. how was your first day of academy?

Leon: it was ok but it was exactly the first day....

Akia: i know.

Leon: wheres Kyuuba

Akia: hes in the living room.

Leon: Ok thanks.

Leon: Kyuuba im home.

Kyuuba: Brother! wanna play?

Leon: Sure


Leon: Yay! its the first offcial day of academy.

Professor Takayama: Ok everyone ready to go?!

80 Students: yes!

Professor Takayama: Ok! lets go!

10 Mintues later

Matsunaga: Hello Class before we start i want to go through a few things first. When you pass the academy you go on to a new rank called Novice. During that you will be assigned to a squad , you will also be able to have a Class Title. Depending on what class you are you will get a headband. A Warrior's Headband has a engraved Sword on the metal part of it. Priest or Mage will get a staff engraved. A Rogue/Assassin will get a Dagger engraved and finally a Gauntler will obviously have a Gauntlet Blade on it. Another Thing is that to Acquire this Novice is a exam called Novice Exams, There is 1 written test than a fighting challege. . After Novice is Senior. Then you will get a new headband that is Red instead of Black. Then Theres Jonin.

Iwao: Quick question, Isn't Jonin a ninja rank?

Matsunaga: Techincally yes but thats all anyone could come up with.

Leon: weird....

Matsunaga: Theres also Special Jonin and then if you were to ,you could maybe end up being King. Eventually some day you can get a custom headband and get a different engraved weapon or what ever and create your own title for that.

Domen: Cool!

Matsunaga: Now lets start training. Let me show you how to wield a sword, When your a combat that right way is too...

2 Months later.

Matsunaga: Wow amazing in 2 months you guy have gotten really great. just remeber 1 more month until Novice exams. Well i can't teach you guys anything more today thats all we had for today bye!

Others: Bye!

Leon: Hey Tokuma wait up

Tokuma; What?

Leon: wanna train together at my house? we have a Training yard

Tokuma: Sure.

Beginings Arc Part 3 Edit

about 1 month later.

Matsunaga: Ok Guys its time for the Novice Exams... now lets head off to the exams.....

20 mintues later

Leon: i can't wait!

Tokuma: me niether

Matsunaga: well We are here the Novice exams everyone sit down and wait for them to call us in.....

....... 2-3 mintues later

Speakers Voice: Matsunaga's class please grab a stick and then go to the room of that number.

Iwao: Room 3

Leon: Room 2

Tokuma: Room 1

Nobuyori: Room 4.

Rest of the students grabbed theirs......

5 mintues later

Instructor Yamauchi: Ok Class welcome to room 2. I am Instructor Yamauchi

Students: Hello Instructor Yamauchi....

Instructor Yamauchi: Here is your written tests....

Leon: hmmm.(If you were on a mission with your teammate and one of your teammates broke his leg or something would you leave them behind.....?) (No)

20 Mintues Later

[Links Below to Written Tests]



--[ I can't put anymore pictures cause it will take too long]--

Instructor Yamauchi: Ok Everyone Passed the first round you may go to the Arena for the Main Challange

Leon: YEAH!!!

Leon: *meets up with the others at the arena*

Tokuma: Hi Leon...

Leon: Tokuma.. What's Up

Tokuma: I think the sky is up, Did dun chhhh

Leon: *laughs as hell*

Speaker Voice: It is Leon vs Iwao

Leon: Alright! the first match boo ya!

Jonin: In 3...

Jonin: 2

Jonin: 1..FIGHT!

Leon: Haaaaaaaa!

Iwao: Haaaaaa!

Leon: Aerial Strike!

Iwao: Wind Shield!

Beginings Arc Part 4 Edit

4 Months Later

Leon: Hey guys what's up

Tokuma: Nothing.... just bored...

Iwao: Hey I know lets do a mission

Leon: Great Idea!

[Tokuma's backstory[TIME] ]

When Tokuma was 4 his clan was slaughter by some mysterious thing or person, nobody knows, what it was.

Tokuma Kawamata is the survivor of this clan (Like Sasuke From Naruto, Naruto Shippuden).

----------------------[Content Eaten by Cookie Monster]-----------

Just kidding.


Some Mintues later

Lord Takasami: Ok you will be assigned to a B Rank Mission

Seka: Alright!

Lord Takasami: What you have to do is guard this guy over here and take him to the Komais Village.

[Prounciation for Komais| Co mai is]

Lord Takasami: But be careful there is rumors that a Assassin and his assasint are attacking people.

Lord Takasami: This guy over here has healing ingredints that has to get there.

???: I Have a name! my name is Yoshinaga.

Lord Takasami: Oh sorry sir.

Leon: Come on lets get this show on the road.

Tokuma: Wait up!

Stay tuned, im tired....

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